Customer Service Training

Every customer wants to be valued, respected and to feel ‘special’ when interacting with your business.  This is what will create loyalty and keep your customers coming back time after time. So how do you ensure you keep up this level of customer service culture and maintain service levels across all outlets of your business?

Imagine if every customer who walks through your door is perceived as an undercover customer.  In our experience, customer engagement and productivity skyrocket when staff know that they could be assessed at any time. This is just one unique strategy we use in our personalized customer service training.

3 unique ways our Customer Service Training can improve your bottom line:

Personalized Training - Our Customer Service Training is not one-size-fits-all.  We assess your individual training requirements and work out a training solution just for you.

Identify Areas of Urgent Attention - A full assessment is completed to ensure training is provided to the most critical areas of your business.

Training Policies and Procedures - Maintaining an enviable customer service standard and reputation requires consistency.  Our personalized training must be introduced to new staff to sustain the culture within the business.  We can support you to keep high standards of training consistent.


Should training be one for all? Which area requires training?
An undercover customer experience campaign allows identification of what training areas need to be focused on. Training sections demanding urgent attention is immediately identified. Problematic areas potentially damaging your business will be identified. This makes selecting and focusing on the right training programs that has the highest influence achievable.

So, when it comes to Customer Services Training, choose a provider who knows exactly what your customers need and how they want to feel.  Call Anne today for more information.

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