Know your competition

Whilst we do not want to be fixated on knowing what our competitors are doing all the time, knowledge of what our competitors do would help us in a long way. Having that competitor advantage could be a contributor to ...
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Importance of Product or Service knowledge

An essential skill and a vital tool for sales is having product knowledge.  This knowledge permits for the presentation of the benefits of the product or service correctly and convincingly.  Customers do not react to unexcited staff who have no ...
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Getting your customers to say ‘WOW’ about your business

Serving customers has been replaced with a new concept.  As there is increased competition in almost everything, moving the way we think about customer service is as simple as calling it “the customer experience”.   However, it is not just about ...
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Important tips to boost employee integrity & satisfaction

What does employee integrity and satisfaction mean? It means being moral, honest, consistent, and conducting oneself in an honourable manner. Therefore, integrity is crucial to business success as it assists in developing the trust, creativity and open communication that is ...
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Tips for customer service & sales techniques

Three important factors we must consider when it comes to giving excellent customer service 1) Approach The approach you take towards your customer when they are upset or conducting themselves poorly.  It is up to you to get around the ...
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Tips to get you started on creating a customer experience strategy

Do you know what your customer experience strategy is?  Your strategy must be crystal clear. It should be a clear customer-focused vision. Communicate this to the organization. Create a set of statements which will be your guiding models to drive ...
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