Undercover Customer Visits

A cost-effective customer-driven solution to seeing your business through the eyes of your customer

Do you know the cost to your business every time you lose a customer?

Whether you’re in retail, hospitality, leisure, recreation or health, (or a multitude of other industries), your level of customer service and the way your staff respond to customers, and potential customers, is what determines your reputation as a business.  This, in turn, will have an impact on your turnover and bottom line!

Our Undercover Customer Service provides you with 3 core areas of knowledge for your business:

Awareness, Productivity & Recognition - How your staff interact with customers and suppliers.

Measure & Monitor - How well your staff know your products, their competency, upselling skills, and just how they adhere to policies and procedures. Includes comparison between locations - How well are your different locations performing.

Recommendations for Growth - The strategies you need to stand out from your competitors and improve your reputation.


Awareness, Productivity and Recognition

Do you know what is happening on the frontline of your business?
Is it being portrayed the way you want it to be?
Are certain products/services being promoted?
What if every customer who walks through your door is perceived to be a possible undercover customer?

By conducting an undercover assessment of your team members, you will be better informed of what is actually happening. This allows you to see what your customers are truly experiencing and whether your service is benchmarked according to your expectations.

Customer engagement and productivity will sky rocket! Every customer will receive better service - employees will stay continually engaged. You will be able to recognise your team for giving exceptional customer service.


Measure & Monitor

How do you know that the training given and the KPI's established are working
How is it being measured & monitored?
How well are your different locations performing?

Honest objective feedback will give you concrete information which you can use to monitor and measure against your organisation’s processes and procedures, expected service levels, sales skills and product knowledge.


Business Growth

How can business growth be reached?

By driving the reputation of your business to
stand out from the crowd and be known for consistently giving exceptional customer service. The result will be:

  • Increased sales
  • Conversion of browsers into buyers
  • Sales potential of every customer maximised
  • Loyal customers
  • Repeat business
  • Improved bottom line

As the business owner, your staff will behave differently when you are there, so get to the grass roots level and see what your customers see.

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